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Thank You, Candice Patton, For Being Iris West

March 8, 2017


I had no interest in The Flash.

While The Flash was certainly one of my favorite DC superheroes, I wasn’t sold on the CW show. I thought, “Another show with a majority white cast, nothing to see here.” Then, I found out that Iris West, love interest and future wife to The freaking Flash, would be played by Candice Patton, a Black woman. I got excited. MAJORLY excited. Sure, we had John Diggle, an important character to Oliver Queen in Arrow but he certainly was no love interest. All of a sudden, I was intrigued by this character who would be portrayed by someone who looked like me.


SOURCE: E! Online & The CW

When the show aired its pilot episode, I was a 19 year old college sophomore with identity issues. I wasn’t sure how Black I was or should be. I felt myself grappling with an…

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